StampPDF Plug-In

Add Useful Imprints to any PDF File

Modify and Personalize PDF Files with High Quality, Consistently Placed, and Uniform Stamps

If your organization needs to add text-based stamps to documents on a regular basis, Appligent’s StampPDF® Plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® has the answer for consistency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

The plug-in lets governmental organizations, corporations and law firms add page numbers, copyright notices, disclaimer statements, file names/numbers, Bates numbering, and more to existing PDF files.

Add one stamp or many stamps to PDF documents.  The stamps become a permanent part of the document.

If your organization requires dynamic stamping or batch stamping of PDF files, check out StampPDF Batch, our Server-based software application for adding content to existing PDF files.

  • Bates numbering
  • Watermarking
  • Flexible page numbering options
  • Over 30 built-in variables
  • Automatic date and time stamping
  • Add stamps to every page in a document, or to specific page ranges or increments
  • Stamp copyright notices, disclaimers, or any other text in your choice of font, point size, opacity level, and color (RGB or Grayscale)
  • Create as many lines as you need in your text stamps with complete control over line breaks
  • Use variables to stamp file and path name, document information, page numbers, Bates numbering, and the date and time in a variety of formats
  • Specify a precise location for your stamps; layer them over or under existing text and graphics.
  • Stamp text as an outline font or as a transparent font so as not to interfere with the legibility of the page contents.
  • Stamp invisible text onto documents to create searchable content while preserving the look of scanned image documents.
  • Remove the last stamp you placed via the StampPDF menu.

The fastest and easiest way to apply a stamp is from the Single Stamp menu item on the Acrobat Document menu.

Single stamping provides the basic features most users need to stamp text, including the ability to define the pages to be stamped, as well as the content, appearance, and position of the stamp.

Q:  How do you create a Bates stamp?

A:  In StampPDF Plug-in, Bates numbering works similarly to regular page numbering. The variable used for Bates numbering is %J. If you would like to start numbering at a number other than 000001, place the number to start before the J. Learn more about working with StampPDF variables.

Q:  How do I remove the old page numbers and re-apply new page numbers to my PDF?

A:  You can set up your stamp file to apply a white jpeg image over the area that contains the old number and also have a stamp item to apply the new page numbers. Learn more about using StampPDF Plug-in.

See more StampPDF Plug-in FAQs.

See the StampPDF Users Guide for complete documentation.
The StampPDF VPAT is available as a Section 508 compliant PDF.

StampPDF® Plug-in is available for Windows 32 and 64-bit.  StampPDF Plug-in 5.8 is compatible under Acrobat XI, and DC. StampPDF® Plug-in 5.6 is compatible under Adobe Acrobat X and XI. 

StampPDF does not work with the free Adobe Reader.

How to Buy

StampPDF plug-in starts at $129.00 (USD).  Contact us for more information.

Download from the Appligent Web Store