Custom Software Development

Providing Custom Applications, Plug-Ins, Training and Consulting

PDF Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

You may need software to perform a specialized function with PDF files on the desktop or server, and there’s no off-the-shelf software to do it.

Large enterprises and small businesses alike have turned to our development team for our demonstrated capability and experience in all aspects of software development.

We provide analysis, design, architecture, programming, testing, installation and long-term technical support for a variety of custom applications in addition to our commercial software.

We’re proven leaders in software development, with a history and longstanding reputation for delivering the highest-performance and most-reliable software available.  Once we understand your business needs, it is our objective to build the very best, most efficient and most easily integrated solution to your problem.

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Appligent has developed custom applications for processing PDF documents for our clients’ internal use as well as for commercial and online use. Some recent applications have included:

  • SmartJCForms for the University of California, Continuing Education of the Board – a desktop application for tracking cases, and completing PDF forms to be submitted to the California Courts.
  • American Association of Zoo Veterinarians – an online, searchable Journal archive.
  • Top Hat Photo Booth – an online ordering and payment processing system.
  • WebMD – a hosted, online coupon processing system.

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Appligent has been developing Plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat since 1993.  We have developed custom plug-ins for both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. Plug-ins can add as well as subtract functionality. Some examples of functionality include:

  • Adding custom annotations
  • Adding QuickKeys and additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Developing custom security handlers
  • Postscript injection
  • Adding and/or restricting access to menu and menu items
  • Modify built in Acrobat editing behaviors
  • Client / Server communication

Please note, Adobe Reader plug-ins require approval from Adobe to receive a Reader key.  Certain restrictions in functionality will apply to Reader plug-ins.

Appligent Document Solutions provides the most experienced Adobe Acrobat SDK training and PDF technology consulting available.

Developer Education & Training

The Adobe Acrobat Software Development Kit (SDK) and Adobe PDF Library are tools that allows organizations to develop software to create and/or manipulate PDF documents.

Our SDK training is unlike that available elsewhere; all training is customized to the customer’s requirements and schedule.

Once a grounding in the PDF Reference has been established, we transition to a detailed discussion of the Adobe Acrobat SDK, and how it can be used to develop Acrobat or Reader plug-ins and automation.

Our typical training engagement is initiated with an onsite visit lasting two to three days, and followed up via GoToMeeting, phone and email as appropriate.

ISO 32000 (The PDF Reference)

Most developers aren’t familiar with the internals of PDF.  Knowing how and why PDF is constructed provides crucial insights into the development of efficient, well-considered tools and solutions for electronic document management with PDF.

As such, we generally open an SDK training session with a review of the PDF Reference (ISO 32000). Developers are systematically educated on the nature, features and capabilities of the PDF format.

Our presentations, seminars and customized question-and-answer sessions are not just for developers.  You can use our experts to present issues, lead discussions and take questions from C level executives.

The Big Picture: Implementation Consulting

Integrators, document management and IT organizations are often confronted with high-level questions about how best to utilize electronic document technologies to meet business objectives.

We can provide expertise and integration consulting at any level of your electronic document implementation.  From strategic decisions about technology selection and planning to best-practices and end-to-end solutions development, you can trust the experts of Appligent Document Solutions to offer deep knowledge and experience as well as impartial advice.

Count on us to recommend the best available solution, whether that’s our own technology or another.  We’re only interested in the best fit for your business requirements.

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Custom Software Development - Providing Custom Applications, Plug-Ins, Training and Consulting