Permanently Remove Sensitive Information from PDF Files

Keep Sensitive and Private Information in Your PDF Files Protected from Unwanted Exposure

If you manage classified, sensitive, or private information day in and day out, you know firsthand that you need a secure and thorough redaction process that easily, consistently, and securely removes sensitive text and graphics. Failures to redact can have costly and dangerous consequences not only for organizations but also for the people whose privacy or security they are protecting.

Thousands of Federal, State, and Local government agencies, as well as law firms, corporations, and health organizations rely on Appligent’s Redax plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® every day to give the ultimate protection for sensitive information.

Appligent was the first to natively redact PDF documents and holds U.S. Patent No. 7,428,701 on the “method, system and computer program for redaction of material from documents.”

Information removed from PDF files using Redax cannot be recovered. 

If you need automated, document redaction processes on a server—for example to apply redaction criteria to a large number of documents—learn more about Appligent’s Redax Enterprise Server.

  • Advanced patterns allow you to automatically find and mark social security numbers (SSN), ZIP codes, international postal codes, US and international phone numbers, credit card numbers, dates, URLs, email addresses and more
  • Support for Regular Expressions allowing you to define your own custom pattern searches
  • Markup Engine performs ‘Find Using List’ markup up to 30 times faster than older versions of Redax.
  • Automatically finds and marks lists of words and phrases for redaction
  • Finds words and phrases that break across lines
  • Supports Acrobat’s standard text mark-up (highlight, underline and cross out / strikethrough)
  • Available Full Page or multi-page redaction options
  • Enhanced Redaction Engine
  • Automatically preserves the original document
  • Safely removes text, graphics and images based on markup
  • Redaction from single or multi-page templates
  • Appearance of redacted areas is fully customizable
  • Optional page consolidation in cases where multiple pages are fully redacted
  • Automatic removal of document metadata
  • Optionally removes all annotations and bookmarks
  • Optionally condense fully redacted pages.
  • Redact documents based on assigned categories
  • Redact tagged documents
  • Exemption code palettes are fully customizable
  • Includes built-in exemption codes for the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act
  • Optionally place exemption codes at the bottom of the page
  • Optionally, use selective “redaction by category” capabilities
  • May be integrated with existing document management systems
  • Generates redaction reports to facilitate record keeping
  • Supports semi-automated and multi-user FOIA and redaction workflows, including in conjunction with Redax Enterprise Server
  • Expanded toolbar and improved user experience

Windows 10 and higher

Redax 5.8.9 is compatible under Acrobat DC 32 bit and 64 bit
Redax 5.8 is compatible under Acrobat XI, 2015 and 2017.

Redax will not install into the free Adobe Reader. It is not intended to work inside of the Adobe Reader.

See the Redax Users Guide for complete documentation.

For Accessibility information, please see our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and Adobe’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Redactions can be performed on PDF files with Redax without using a computer mouse. Please see Using Redax without a Mouse

How to Buy

Redax single-desktop pricing starts at $249.00 (USD), and is available for Windows.

A Redax Five (5) Pack is available for $999.00 (USD). This price includes one year of support and maintenance for each license and represents a savings of 33% as compared to the single-desktop price. Contact us for more information on other volume discounts.

Redax can also be purchased as part of a package that includes one license of Redax and one license of StampPDF for $319.00 (USD). This price includes one year of support and maintenance for each license and represents a savings of 30% as compared to the single desktop price.

Download Redax from the Appligent Web Store