StampPDF Batch New Features

StampPDF Batch 6.0 through 6.5 contain several completely new and powerful features that make using StampPDF Batch even easier

Dynamic Variable Substitution

StampPDF Batch has always been able to stamp variable data like dates, times, Bates numbers and file paths. Now we have extended this capability allowing you to dynamically change the text being stamped as an input parameter to the call to StampPDF Batch. For example, Names, Account Numbers, Purchase Order Numbers, or entire lines of text. This means you no longer need to make changes to the stamp file to update custom text to be stamped by StampPDF Batch. Variable Substitution Example

Watched Folders

Now, easily add StampPDF Batch to your workflow with little, or no programming required. StampPDF Batch now directly supports Watched Folders, also called Drop Folders or Watched Directories. This allows the end user to simply copy the PDF file to be stamped into the Watched Folder. The newly stamped output file will then appear in the output directory.

Maintain the same PDF version number as the input file

If the original input PDF file version is PDF 1.4 or later, the original version number is used for the output PDF file instead of updating the PDF file version number to PDF 1.7.

Support for maintaining fixed length Arabic text

The output Arabic text will have the same length as the input text.  This option is related to “Arabic shaping”, which inserts extra Unicode characters to improve the appearance of the text. If more room is necessary, then the application will try to consume spaces next to modified characters.

Autoscale Text to Page

Automatically scale your stamp to fit on the page without having to set any other options.  The value for AutoScale specifies the font size as a percentage of the larger dimension of the page size (example: if your document is 8 1/2 x 11, with AutoScale set to (10), the stamp would be set at 10% of 11 inches. By using the AutoScale parameter in your stamp items, you will be able to apply the same stamp across multiple files regardless of their page size.

Page Transform

StampPDF Batch has a special type of Stamp Item which can scale and transform the page.  This is typically used to reduce the size of the page and create white space at the top and right side of the page.  This is useful for stamping text along the top and/or right edge of the page and ensuring the stamped text is not obscuring any of the page content.

New Automatic Positioning Options

StampPDF Batch has always been able to positions diagonal text across a page automatically calculating placement of text from corner to corner regardless of the page size or orientation.  The two classic automatic diagonal positions are as follows:

  • Diag-BottomLeft, stamps text diagonally, corner to corner, across the page beginning at the bottom left corner margin
  • Diag-TopLeft, stamps text diagonally, corner to corner, across the page beginning at the top left corner margin

We have now added four new automatic positioning options for drawing text on the right and left edges of the page as follows:

  • BottomUp-Left, draw text up from the bottom, on the left edge of the page
  • BottomUp-Right, draw text up from the bottom, on the right edge of the page
  • TopDown-Left, draw text down from the top, on the left edge of the page
  • TopDown-Right, draw text down from the top, on the right edge of the page

2D Barcodes

StampPDF Batch now directly supports the stamping of DataMatrix 2D Barcodes.  The new 2D barcode stamps are supported with all of the placement options available for Image and PDF stamps.