SecurSign Features

PDF Document Security with SecurSign 5

  • Signature Validation – detects tampering independent of Acrobat
  • PDF/A Support – Sign PDF/A documents without losing PDF/A compliance
  • OpenType Fonts – Place signature text using any OpenType font
  • 2048-Bit Key Lengths for Digital Certificates

Digital Signature and Verification Features

  • Digitally Sign using visible or invisible digital signatures
  • X.509v3 Digital Certificates from any Certificate Authority
  • Dynamically Add New Signature Fields to any PDF page
  • Multiple Digital Signatures can be applied sequentially
  • Custom Graphics including watermarks, logos and handwritten signatures
  • Verification to detect file modification or tampering since it was signed
  • Linearization to optimize signed PDF documents with Fast Web View for faster viewing on a network
  • No additional software is required – use any digital-signature aware PDF viewer to view or verify signatures

Encryption Features

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm with 128-bit or 256-bit key lengths
  • RC4 encryption algorithm with 40-bit or 128-bit key length for compatibility with older PDF viewers
  • Secure envelopes; encrypt PDF and non-PDF attachments, leaving the “envelope” PDF unencrypted
  • Set User Passwords to control who may view, print, or modify a document
  • Set Owner Passwords to control who may change security settings
  • Set Document Permissions to control viewing, printing, copying, assembly and accessibility.

File Handling Options

  • Optionally, retain current file modification date
  • Utilize PDF as a secure delivery envelope for attached files
  • Linearize output PDFs for faster access and viewing when downloaded from the Web or a network (Fast Web View)
  • Optimize to reduce output file size
  • Consistent with Title 1 of the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998, Appligent software will only permit the modification of encrypted documents when the owner password is supplied