Redax Enterprise Server Features

Automated Markup Features of Redax Enterprise Server

  • Enhanced markup of words and phrases with the Adobe PDF Library-powered WordFinder
  • Advanced patterns for marking social security numbers (SSN), zip codes, international postal codes, US and international phone numbers, credit-cards, dates, URLs, email addresses and more
  • Regular Expressions support allowing you to define your own custom pattern searches
  • Mark for redaction using Redax boxes, bracketed text, Acrobat highlighting, underlining, strikethroughs or via plain-text parameters files
  • Full-page and multi-page redaction, including optional page consolidation
  • Redact similarly formatted documents by applying templates to specific areas of the page
  • Use standard government exemption codes or create your own

Redaction Processing Features

  • Enhanced Redaction Engine
  • Automated processing of manual or automatically-generated markup
  • Automatically protects the original document
  • Appearance of redacted areas is fully customizable
  • Optionally places exemption codes at the bottom of the page
  • Automatic removal of document metadata
  • Optional removal of document annotations
  • Create different redacted documents from the same marked-up document based on categories
  • Generate text reports for use in a spreadsheet or other software

Redax Enterprise Server Regular Expressions conform to Unicode Technical Standard #18 , Unicode Regular Expressions, level 1, and in addition include Default Word boundaries and Name Properties from level 2.