FDFMerge Pro Features

Full Featured Form Assembly with FDFMerge Pro

  • Fill PDF forms with data from plain-text FDF (Forms Data Format) template files
  • Combine individual PDF form pages from any number of PDF forms to produce a single PDF form document with active form fields for delivery to the end user
  • Fully or partially populate the fields in the newly assembled PDF form document
  • Run commands in CommandCollections for even greater performance
  • Place PDF, JPEG or TIFF graphics into fields
  • Remove active form fields, embedding field content directly into the document (form flattening)
  • Flatten selected fields or the entire form (partial form flattening)
  • Dynamically change border width, color and background color of fields
  • Format text fields, including font, point size, alignment, color, and more
  • Use advanced typography – manage character and word spacing and line leading
  • Support for both RGB and CMYK color

File Handling Options

  • Process multiple forms using one FDF or xFDF file
  • Apply 40-bit or 128-bit file encryption with user password to control who may view, print, or modify a document
  • Optimize output PDFs for faster access and viewing when downloaded from the Web or a network (Fast Web View)
  • Incremental or Full save to optimize speed, memory usage, and output file size

ISO 32000 compliance. Set the output file version for ISO 32000 compliance (Adobe PDF version 1.7).