FDFMerge Lite is a command-line application. If you are used to the Microsoft Windows operating system, you may not be familiar with running command-line tools. This section shows you all you need to get started.

  • Windows tells you how to use FDFMerge Lite on Windows.

Note: You can refer to the Getting Started With Command Line Applications for additional information on using command-line applications.


To run FDFMerge Lite in Windows, you need to open a Command Prompt window.

In Windows:

  • Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

The Command Prompt window opens.

Some basic commands

At the command prompt, you type each command, and press the Enter key to execute it. You can use the mouse to select text to copy or cut to the clipboard, but you cannot position the cursor with it. The command line is completely keyboard driven. Navigation keys are shown below:

Backspace Delete previous character
Right arrow Move right one character
Left arrow Move left one character
Up arrow Recall previous command
Tab File or directory name auto complete
Enter Execute command

In addition to running programs, you have many commands to navigate and maintain the system. Two important ones are cd and dir.

Changing directories

Use the cd command to change directories. For example, to change to the directory that FDFMerge Lite is located in, type:

C:\>cd \Appligent\FDFMergeLite\

The command prompt changes to:


to show you where you are.

To move back one level, use the shortcut of two periods (..)


Don’t forget to press the Enter key after every command. You will now be in this directory:


Move back to FDFMergeLite:

C:\Appligent>cd FDFMergeLite

Listing the contents of a directory

Use the dir command to list the contents of a directory:


The computer responds with a listing of all the contents of the FDFMergeLite directory.

If the directory contents fly by too fast to read, do this:

C:\Appligent\FDFMergeLite>dir /p

The /p switch tells DOS to display one page at a time. Press the Enter key to see the next page.

To see the contents of all the subdirectories at the same time, type:

C:\Appligent\FDFMergeLite>dir /s

This displays the contents of FDFMergeLite and all the subdirectories under it.

Running FDFMergeLite

To run FDFMerge Lite, type the commands on the command line as shown in other sections of this manual and press Enter. In the next example, we’ve truncated the command prompt path for clarity.

> .\fdfmergelite -o \path\samples\healthform\output.pdf \path\samples\healthform\healthform.pdf \path\samples\healthform\healthform.fdf

The healthform.fdf file will be merged into healthform.pdf to create a filled-in form. If you do not specify the correct path, you will get a “file not found” error. Now, refer to the rest of this User Guide for details about using FDFMerge Lite.