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Software Designed for Performance and Reliability

Experience the Power of PDF with Appligent's Diverse Software Products

Appligent is your go-to expert in the art of PDF manipulation and innovation. Our forte is in developing state-of-the-art software and offering bespoke services that transform how you interact with PDF content.

Our diverse software products encompass everything from user-friendly desktop applications and plug-ins, to robust server-based solutions designed for the high-powered, automated orchestration of complex PDF workflows. We're not just about tools; we're about crafting experiences that make managing PDF content simple and efficient.

Appligent Services

Beyond Software: Tailored Services to Meet your  PDF Content Requirements

Our services are a testament to our commitment to PDF excellence and include  remediation of PDF documents for Accessibility compliance and PDF forms development – including AEM forms ( formerly known as XFA forms). Need a custom PDF form or unique software solution? Our team of experts is at your service, ready to develop tailor-made solutions that fit your exact needs.

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Appligent Software

Software Designed for Performance and Reliability

PDF Redaction with Redax

If you manage classified, sensitive, or private information day in and day out, you know firsthand that you need a secure and thorough redaction process that easily, consistently, and securely removes sensitive text and graphics. Failures to redact can have costly and dangerous consequences not only for organizations, but also for the people whose privacy or security they are protecting.

AppendPDF Pro

AppendPDF Pro is a versatile server-based tool from Appligent for assembling and customizing high volumes of PDF documents. It enables automated generation of tables of contents, cover pages, and includes features like stamping, watermarking, and barcode application. The software is designed for unattended operation, making it suitable for industries requiring on-demand document assembly and personalization, such as insurance and financial services. AppendPDF Pro also supports creation of PDF Portfolios, allowing for the inclusion of various file types and preserving digital signatures and encryption.

StampPDF Batch

StampPDF Batch is a high-volume, server-based application for adding customized text and image imprints to PDF documents. It is widely used in manufacturing, aerospace, publishing, law, and government for applications like ISO compliance, pre-publication review, Bates numbering, and document certification. The software supports various stamping features including text and image watermarking, Bates numbering, and barcode generation. It's designed for unattended, mission-critical environments and offers advanced typographical options and file output customization.


FDFMerge, is a server-based software designed for automating PDF form filling. It populates PDF forms using data from FDF or XFDF files, supports integration of graphics, and allows for various formatting options. It's compatible with multiple operating systems and is suitable for high-demand environments, such as banking or government services.


SecurSign is a server-based application designed for encrypting, digitally signing, and verifying signatures on PDF documents. It supports high-volume, on-demand production needs and allows for batch processing of large PDF collections. It ensures document integrity and provides advanced encryption. It can be an integral part of your secure document workflows, with multiple security options and  document permissions.


pdfHarmony is server-based software that identifies and repairs corrupt, damaged, or malformed PDF files before they enter a workflow. It's designed for high-volume processing, ensuring files comply with the ISO 32000 PDF standard. Key features include file repair, optimization, and metadata application. It's compatible with various operating systems and is integral for maintaining efficient and secure PDF workflows.

Appligent Professional Services

Beyond Software: Tailored Services to Meet your  PDF Content Requirements

Appligent has provided professional PDF services since 1993. Our services encompass PDF Forms Development, Document Accessibility, Document Imaging, and Custom Software Development. All Services work is accomplished by our very experienced employees in the United States. 


Document Accessibility Services

One of our core services is remediating PDF documents to be accessible to people using Assistive Technologies. Our experienced professionals tag, check and validate documents according to our customers' requirements, for compliance with Section 508, WCAG 2.x  and PDF/UA.  Appligent's PDF Accessibility Services go beyond basic accessibility requirements to deliver truly usable and maximally accessible PDF content.

Appligent's Forms Development Services

Our services range from transforming existing paper or electronic forms into fillable PDFs, to designing new forms with advanced features like data validation, custom buttons, and dynamic graphics. We also ensure accessibility compliance, adapt forms for tablet use, and develop custom applications for efficient workflows. Our expertise includes dynamic AEM forms, previously known as XFA or LiveCycle forms. Our forms development has a strong emphasis on cross-platform compatibility and enterprise-level support, making PDF forms a powerful tool for data collection and processing.


Custom Software Development Services

We design and develop tailored solutions for PDF processing, including application and plug-in development. We specialize in creating unique software for various PDF-related functions for both desktop and server environments. Our services encompass analysis, design, programming, testing, installation, and long-term support. We address specific business needs with efficient, integrated solutions, leveraging our extensive experience in software development.

Appligent Labs: Blog

Exploring PDF Frontiers

Dive into the heart of PDF innovation with the Appligent Labs Blog, your premier destination for the latest breakthroughs, tips, and insights in PDF technology. From in-depth articles on new software features and tutorials on enhancing PDF accessibility, to expert commentary on industry standards and custom solutions, our blog is designed to keep you at the forefront of digital document management. Join us at Appligent Labs, where PDF expertise meets practical advice.