Appligent PDF Forms API Features

In addition to combining forms and data, the API can:

  • Fill data into single or multi-page Acrobat PDF forms (AcroForms)
  • Flatten forms—remove the active field and stamp the field contents directly onto the PDF document
  • Supports Extensible Markup Language (XML) to specify form field data
  • Process multiple forms using one field data file
  • Saves as Fast Web view (Linearize)
  • Saves Encrypted with document permissions

In addition, a FormInfo data file can be used with the API to dynamically customize PDF forms:

  • Partial Form Flattening—selectively flatten the entire form, or specify individual fields to flatten
  • Format text fields, including font, point size, alignment and color
  • Additional support for fonts—specify font information for form fields
  • Individual field Font Color using Grayscale, RGB or CMYK Colors
  • Individual field Character Spacing, Word Spacing and Line Spacing
  • Individual field Justification and Crop
  • Individual field Border and Background Visibility
  • Individual field Border and Background Color using Grayscale, RGB or CMYK Colors
  • Unicode to place Chinese, Japanese or Korean (CJK) data in form fields
  • Stamp PDF Pages from Multi-Page PDF files onto any form fields
  • Stamp JPEG or TIF images onto any form fields

The library provides the same high-level forms functionality available in Appligent’s industry-leading FDFMerge server application.