Software Implementations

Document Production

A large pharmaceutical company integrated stamppdf-batch to dynamically add needed control statements and dates/times to documents as they were requested as part of their ISO 9000 process in manufacturing.

A manufacturer uses appendpdfpro to create SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documents for distribution on a quarterly basis.

A university library uses appendpdfpro to make course documents readily accessible to students whether they are on or off campus.  Students log in and select the documents for download, AppendPDF Pro combines the documents into one document with a dynamically generated, hyperlinked table of contents.  New page numbers and the student’s name are added to personalize the resulting document.

A large government contractor uses stamppdf-batch to add appropriate statements and disclaimers on-the-fly as documents are requested from their servers.

A law firm uses stamppdf-batch for bates numbering large case files. Our stamppdf-plugin for Adobe Acrobat was deployed to paralegals who add Bates numbers to individual files.

An insurance company deployed appendpdf on their servers to append large quantities of PDF files for distribution to policyholders.  The firm also purchased appendpdf-de for a select group of desktop users to facilitate customer-service operations.

Forms Processing

A student loan organization provides an electronic forms submission process to prospective students using the free Adobe Reader and fdfmerge. The prospective student uses Reader to fill in and submit the form, and thereafter downloads the completed form or receives it via e-mail.

Teachers for a large school district fill out PDF report cards and submit them to a server. The data is collected into the school district’s database and the completed form is flattened and the file encrypted using fdfmerge so the contents cannot be changed.

An offshore tax preparer generates tax returns including multiple IRS Schedules combined into one package of forms.  [[formassembler]] enables the combination of all the forms required for each individual customer and dynamically populates the form fields from a database.  Any Schedule may be included in the package multiple times as needed to report investment income.

A large insurance company allows their customers to apply for insurance online.  fdfmerge merges the application form’s data with a PDF file on the server. The fields are flattened and a bar code added.  A physical signature is required on insurance applications in certain states, so the customer downloads the filled in form and physically signs the document.  The insurer is able to match the hard copy form with the electronic form via the barcode.

A large bank with an international presence uses fdfmerge to deploys a forms solution across multiple servers in a variety of locations. End users require only the free Adobe Reader.

A consulting company built a complex forms solution for a U.S. federal government agency using fdfmerge, leveraging Appligent Document Solutions’ expert support staff to complement the roll-out.

Document Control

A large shipping company digitally signs and encrypts shipping documents with secursign.  The solution provides batch and on-the-fly processing, while the signatures are verifiable in the free Adobe Reader with no additional plug-ins required.

A US retailer uses Redax Enterprise Server (RES) to remove employee social security numbers and other privacy related information on personnel records that are part of a legal discovery process.

Document Management

A federal government agency ensures that PDF documents submitted through their servers do not contain potentially harmful active content.  [[apactivecheck]] flags documents containing active content and the documents are rejected by the server.

A document discovery provider removes privacy information from their customers’ documents using Redax Enterprise Server (RES) to find key words and phrases and redact them from the collections of documents.  The new redacted document is a version of the original, while the original document is retained.

A large publisher of construction information needed software to process their PDF files for use in multiple print and online environments. Our PDF management applications applications enabled them to do everything they needed at a fraction of the cost and time required if they were to do the programming themselves.

Custom Development

A large magazine publisher uses Adobe Acrobat extensively, however, they need functionality provided by a custom plug-in and could not upgrade to a newer version of Acrobat.  Appligent Document Solutions created a new cross platform plug-in with the functionality they needed that could run on Acrobat 7, 8 and 9.