Appligent provides a variety of services related to PDF Forms.  From the simple task of making a form fillable to building batch processes and workflows for existing forms.

  • Prepare existing forms maintaining the current look and feel
  • Designing new PDF forms based upon your needs and specifications
  • Updating existing designs so they feel current and creating custom header or other branding elements to make your forms stand out
  • Making forms fully functional as PDF including calculations, data formatting, pop-up calendars and validation
  • Adding advanced features to forms such as auto-populating data, dynamic graphics, ability to gather multiple sets of data in one form, the possibilities are endless, just let us know what you want to do and we’ll let you know if it can be done
  • Adapt existing printable forms for optimal use on tablets without losing the “real” form’s layout
  • Ensure accessibility for disabled users and guarantee compliance with the Federal Section 508 regulations
  • Develop custom applications, batch processes or server implementations to build an efficient workflow for your PDF forms.
  • Host and support PDF server implementations
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