Imaging Books, Magazines and Newsletters

Appligent Document Solutions provides state of the art, publication-grade scanning services to magazine, newsletter, book and periodical publishers,  libraries, museums, government agencies and many others.

Our scanning services are designed for books, periodicals, and historical archives.  Your important content can be scanned with bindings intact using our state of the art capture methods. We specialize in accurate, color correct captures of documents that include photographs, halftones and fine detail; and, we can properly handle items which are very fragile.

The common thread with all our scanning clients are strict quality requirements and advanced PDF conversion services, including the ability to deliver Section 508 compliance.

Our scanning services should not be confused with conventional business scanning services. This service is optimized for publishers and others who need color correct scans, or who place a high value on the appearance of the page, on a small file-size, metadata, OCR accuracy and many other available options.

When you need more than basic scanning

We can deliver TIFFs, but the usual end-product is a top-quality OCR-processed PDF. Optionally, we can produce associated text, index databases or XML to suit your needs. Our files require less space and bandwidth, and are demonstrably more attractive and effective in viewing, printing, navigation, accessibility and usability. You’ll quickly see why we are the best at what we do.

When you need real attention to detail

Our scanning services are designed for books, periodicals and historical archives. The rest of the imaging industry focuses on business and legal records; we specialize in documents that include photographs, color, halftones, or fine detail.

Depending on your content and your preferences, we can scan using high-resolution flatbed scanners or our non-destructive imaging processes.

All of our imaging work is done in the United States at our main office in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.

Contact us today with some details about your project, and learn more about our services.

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