SecurSign Overview

SecurSign 5 encrypts, digitally signs and verifies digital signatures on PDF documents.

The server-based application runs in real time with other processes in an unattended environment to handle high-volume and on-demand production needs. SecurSign can also batch process large collections of PDF documents.

Digital signatures placed by SecurSign allow organizations to distribute electronic documents without fear of tampering. Since the process is compatible with the Adobe Acrobat® Digital Signature Mechanism, no additional software is required to open documents or verify signatures using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or other digital signature-aware PDF viewers.

End-users with Adobe Reader or other digital signature-aware software can immediately verify whether or not a digitally-signed PDF file has been altered.

SecurSign can encrypt PDF documents to restrict the end user’s ability to edit, copy, or print with 256-bit AES encryption. Other security features in SecurSign 5 allow users to set passwords to control who may view, print, or modify a document, or set higher level passwords that control who may change security settings.

SecurSign 5 produces ISO 32000-compliant PDF files and can perform optimization and cleanup routines prior to signing, and reduces file size in most instances.