pdfHarmony Features

Recovery, Repair and Optimization with pdfHarmony

  • Repairs corrupt and malformed PDF files
  • Harmonizes and converts input PDFs from any creation software into authentic Adobe PDFs
  • Ensures PDFs are ISO 32000 compliant (the current International Standard for PDF)
  • Consolidates identical fonts, font-subsets and XObjects to safely reduce file-size without altering objects on the page
  • Linearize output PDFs for faster access and viewing when downloaded from the Web or a network (Fast Web View)
  • Optimize to reduce output file size
  • Encode non-encoded streams using Flate compression
  • Remove ASCII85 filters from all streams
  • Replace LZW encoded streams with Flate encodings
  • Merge identical XObjects and Images
  • Optimize common sequences in page content
  • Merge identical font descriptors and encodings
  • Compress logical structure
  • Compress using Object Streams
  • Rewrite page contents, rebuilding the entire contents of the page eliminating many types of malformed content
  • Remove rotation from all pages

Problem Detection

  • Verify page drawing
  • Logs PDF files that are corrupt or damaged and cannot be recovered by Adobe Reader
  • Logs any page display or rendering error that Adobe Reader would encounter
  • Standard log file and optional interactive HTML report

Apply Metadata, set Document Options

  • Sets Document Information; Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, etc.
  • Sets PDF file open options including Page Layout Modes, Open Actions, Toolbar visibility, Menu and Bookmarks visibility, and more