APGetInfo Features

Data Extracted from PDFs using APGetInfo

  • Document information, including name, path, author, title, creation date, file size, number of pages and more
  • The name and type of fonts used, and whether they are embedded in the PDF.
  • The coordinates of full page and printable page area within the margins, as well as the degree of page rotation
  • A list of bookmarks including page numbers, and named destinations. Format the list to show or hide bookmark levels using numbers and indention, or display the full document path of each bookmark
  • Retrieve information about annotations, such as notes and highlights as well as the popups, links, colors and coordinates associated with annotations
  • A list of form-fields, including the name, type, value, and alternative name (tool tip text) of each form field
  • Reports presence of active form-fields (New in version 4.0!)
  • Export complete form field information as XML
  • Export xmp data from PDF documents
  • Custom document information
  • Total pages, bookmarks and annotations by type
  • Encryption options provided (New in version 4.0!)
  • Page Mode information (New in version 4.0!)
  • ISO 32000 extension level (New in version 4.0!)