AppendPDF Pro Portfolios

AppendPDF Pro PDF Portfolios

AppendPDF Pro now allows you to create PDF Portfolios.  Instead of reassembling the PDF document by appending pages together; a PDF Portfolio inserts the documents without altering the content of the original component files.  This allows any file type, even files which are encrypted or digitally signed, to be added to the PDF Portfolio without first converting to PDF or changing the encryption on the documents or breaking the digital signatures.

Digitally Signed Files

Files containing digital signatures can be inserted into a PDF Portfolio without breaking or altering the digital signature in any way.

Encrypted Files

Files can be encrypted using different combinations of owner passwords, user passwords and permissions.

Non-PDF Files

A PDF Portfolio supports non-PDF file types for example; Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint, TIFF image files, Photoshop files, Video files, XML Based XFA files, etc.

PDF Portfolios are also called Portable Collections or Document Collections and are part of the International Standards Organization standard for PDF; ISO-32000.