SecurSign Adds 256-bit AES Encryption

Appligent, Inc., the leading 3rd party PDF enterprise software company, today announced the immediate availability of version 4.0 of its enterprise-class SecurSign server software for Windows, Linux 32-bit, 64-bit, HP-UX and AIX.*

Newly re-powered with the Adobe PDF Library, the new SecurSign offers full support for all standard Adobe Acrobat 9.x password based encryption mechanisms, support for PDF security “envelopes” – encrypted attachments of unencrypted PDF files, enhanced reliability in opening and repairing damaged PDFs and the ability to retain a document’s last modified date.

With support for AES 256-bit encryption, SecurSign delivers enterprise-class dynamic digital signature and encryption functions for server-based PDF workflows.  With its all-new ability to encrypt PDF and non-PDF file attachments alone (leaving the PDF itself unencrypted), SecurSign 4.0 offers an exceptionally cost-effective secure delivery ‘envelope’ for any file that may be attached to a PDF.

Many organizations use digital signatures to sign PDF files as they are downloaded from a webserver to assure authenticity for contracts and other documents produced on-demand. In these workflows, SecurSign is used to sign and secure PDF files on the fly when they leave a controlled environment.

In another implementation, a large shipping company uses SecurSign to digitally sign and encrypt shipping documents in batch.  SecurSign provides a batch processing capability for signing the thousands of files that comprise each shipping manifest; the signatures are verifiable in the free Adobe Reader with no additional software required.

SecurSign 4.0 adds important new capabilities that will increase security and reliability in any workflow. “The encryption of PDF and non-PDF file attachments allows a PDF file to be used as a transport mechanism or container for secure content,” said Appligent Document Solutions CTO Mark Gavin.  “This allows the unencrypted pages of the PDF file to be used for instructions, disclaimers or information related to the encrypted enclosures ,” he said.  SecurSign is fully compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Appligent Document Solutions is currently the only 3rd party commercial software vendor to offer PDF security software powered by Adobe’s PDF Library, by far the most reliable and capable PDF library in existence.  In addition to the Adobe Library’s unparalleled ability to deal with corrupt and poor-quality PDFs, the new SecurSign 4.0 optionally outputs ISO 32000 compliant Adobe PDF files.

SecurSign 4.0 is available immediately from Appligent Document Solutions’ website and from our network of resellers. Production licenses start at $2,495. The software is available without charge to existing Appligent Document Solutions customers with current Support & Maintenance agreements.

* – Mac OS X available soon.

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