Redax 5: Advanced Redaction for PDF Documents

Appligent, Inc., the leading enterprise software company dedicated to PDF technology, today announced the immediate availability of version 5 of the Redax plug-in for Adobe Acrobat on Windows.

“Redax 5 delivers major enhancements in both document markup and redaction,” says Appligent’s President and COO, Virginia Gavin. “The latest Redax continues our 14-year tradition of providing professional-strength PDF redaction to organizations demanding maximum efficiency and capability from their redaction software.”

When all documents existed on paper, governments and others redacted with razors, black markers and eventually, photocopiers. As PDF began to overtake paper as an accepted medium for documents, a need arose for a redaction solution that works with PDF files.

If you need to redact items in PDF files, who better than the company that invented PDF redaction? (U.S. Patent No. 7,428,701). First released in 1997, Redax 1.0 was designed to meet the needs of government agencies with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) obligations as well as law firms, corporations and other agencies with an obligation or desire to protect sensitive information contained in otherwise distributable documents.

Redax completely redacts (removes) text and graphics from the PDF page. Hacking the file cannot reveal properly redacted information. The world’s most capable PDF redaction software, Redax locates and marks documents for redaction automatically by using lists of words and phrases. Users can also place redactions manually, drawing boxes to mark sections of PDF pages for redaction.

“Redax 5.0 makes it easy to redact confidential information, and Redax is affordable for every agency,” says Gavin, who points out that organizations ranging from the US Army to small-town police departments all benefit from Redax.

Version 5 builds on the previous version 4.6 of the world’s first and foremost PDF redaction software with the following new capabilities:

  • Expanded Pattern Search! All-new pattern-search engine includes patterns to find credit card numbers, dates, email addresses, postal codes in 12 countries, Social Security Numbers (SSN), telephone numbers and URLs.
  • Support for Regular Expressions! Now you can use the power of Regular Expressions to create your own patterns, and find almost any standardized text!
  • New Redaction Engine! Handles many ‘broken’ PDF files.
  • Improved Performance! Adds Redax boxes using ‘Find Using List’ up to 30 times faster.

Existing users of Redax include defense, law enforcement and civilian agencies of the US Federal government, as well as national, state and local governments around the world. Many states and municipal governments use Redax and Redax Enterprise Server every day to protect the identity or personal information of citizens, while law firms and corporations use the applications to protect sensitive information.

Redax 5 is available immediately from Appligent Document Solutions directly as well as through our network of resellers. The software is available without charge to existing Appligent Document Solutions customers with current Support & Maintenance agreements.

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