PDFHarmony Demo (Dev)

What’s happening
to my PDF?

  1. Once uploaded (please be patient), your PDF is queued for processing.
  2. Assuming the file can be opened, pdfHarmony checks it for integrity.
  3. Following the integrity check, pdfHarmony reviews each page for warnings or errors as would be reported to a user with Adobe Acrobat or Reader.
  4. If the file is damaged but repairable, pdfHarmony fixes the file.
  5. If possible, the file is optimized. Page contents will not be affected. The output is a genuine Adobe PDF.
  6. pdfHarmony then sets the file header to 1.7 to conform with ISO 32000, the International Standard for PDF.
  7. Finally, pdfHarmony linearizes the file for Fast Web View.
  8. The server returns the PDF and a standard HTML report to you via email.

You can upload your own PDF to a pdfHarmony server right now! You’ll get an optimized PDF and pdfHarmony report via email.

Ready to pdfHarmonize?

1 Choose a PDF file under 5 MB.  Ideally, pick one with a problem.  pdfHarmony will either fix it or tell you what it can’t fix.
2 Provide valid contact information so we can return your report
3 Click “Run pdfHarmony and send me a report”.


(Maximum file size: 15MB)
The PDF’s password (if any):
Email my pdfHarmony Report to:
Email Address:
My Needs:


Please Note: This demonstration is limited to files 15 MB and under.

By default this online demonstration will process the following types of PDF files safely:

Digitally-signed PDFs will have been modified since the signature was applied; but, the digital signature will remain intact and valid.

PDFs with active form-fields will not be linearized.

This above behaviors can be overridden as a user preference to the application. Please see the PDFHarmony documentation for more information on additional capabilities not available in this online demonstration.

For additional information, please contact sales.

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