pdfHarmony 2.0 Released

Appligent released pdfHarmony 2.0.  pdfHarmony normalizes the documents so problems like wrong operand type, broken fonts, unsupported/damaged files error messages, and more don’t have to stop your workflow or ruin your day.

New Features Include: 
  • Rewrite page contents to cleanup at the page content level.  This feature completely rebuilds a page and can be used to clean PDF files at the page level.
  • Remove rotation from all pages. Landscape (11 x 8.5) pages in a PDF file are often portrait (8.5 x 11) pages rotated by 90 degrees.  This flag will remove the rotation, replacing the rotated page with a true landscape (11 x 8.5) page.
  • Retain the original document creator.
  • Retain the original document file modification date.

See pdfHarmony for more information.