(iCiX): PDF Forms Case Study

iCiX logoiCiX, the “International Compliance Information Exchange”, is bringing the advantages of PDF forms technology to supply chain management (SCM) with an emphasis on solutions for vendor compliance.

iCiX serves diverse communities of quality assurance and regulatory professionals within industry and government. Assuring vendor compliance with purchaser specifications for quality control, transportation, personnel management and other issues demands a sophisticated understanding of business processes. At the same time, the application must be very simple to use, since compliance forms may be completed only occasionally by far-flung vendors.

The iCiX process allows their clients total flexibility in developing the ideal information packaging and routing solution for their compliance requirements. Quality assurance, a special focus for iCiX, presents many complex challenges in workflow development, and iCiX helps their clients conquer these applications with “intelligent” PDF documents.

“Leveraging the potential of PDF technology within our client’s workflows came naturally,” says iCiX North America’s COO, Paul Horan. “There’s really nothing else quite like it. PDF files allow us to move a great deal of validation, dynamic data-gathering and other functions to the desktop, which radically simplifies and improves the process when the data is posted to the server.”

iCiX chose Appligent to design custom PDF forms, taking existing documents from their clients that were already workflow tested and turning them into vehicles for submitting data to the server.  A key part of this process was to develop the “on-board”, embedded JavaScript logic required in iCiX’s PDF forms.  This includes validation, calculations, test scoring and a variety of other functions.  In addition, Appligent also designed the back-end, data collection server application which uses Appligent’s FDFMerge application to allow users to download completed, yet editable forms from their site or view data in a static, archived PDF form.

Appligent continues to support the server application and produce custom forms for iCiX.  Our services department delivers “ready to go” PDF forms that plug right into the iCiX web-based application and consults with iCiX account managers to help implement new features to meet specific client requests.

“Partnering with Appligent Document Solutions gives iCiX a powerful edge in bringing our compliance solutions to our customers in a timely manner,” says iCiX’s Paul Horan. “Their deep experience with PDF allows us to service our client’s demanding requirements better and faster than ever.”


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