How to Use Built In Pattern Redaction in Redax

Redax  includes a variety of built in patterns to find and mark text for redaction.  Standard patterns include Social Security numbers, different date formats, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and more. To see all the available patterns, just go to the Redax menu and select Find Using Pattern. You can choose from a list of 23 patterns.

To find all Social Security numbers in a document, select Find Using Pattern then select Social Security Number from the list of inactive Pattern Groups, then click the center arrow to have it appear in the list of Active Pattern Groups. Move as many patterns as you wish to use into the Active Patterns Groups list.  When you click OK, Redax will find the patterned information you specified in the list.  With regard to SSNs, the pattern found will be 9 digit numbers in typical SSN formats (123456789, XXX-XX-XXXX, etc.)

List of Redaction Patterns

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If you need a different pattern search than those provided, you can write a custom pattern as a Regular Expression.

By Virginia Gavin