How can I turn off rotation in PDFs in a batch mode?

If you have many PDF documents that are rotated, you can use the AdobePDF printer and batch processing in Acrobat to turn off the rotation. The following are the steps you need to take to set this up:

  • First, you need to set AdobePDF as the default printer. Choose the Control Panel > Printers and Right click on the AdobePDF printer and set as default.
  • While in this screen, right click on AdobePDF and choose “Printing Preferences”.
  • Click on the tab “Adobe PDF Settings.” Look for “Default Settings” and click on Edit to the right of the field.
  • The Adobe PDFSettings window will open. On the General tab, set Auto-Rotate Pages to “Off” by selecting the arrow at the right of the field, then hit OK.
  • Next look for “Adobe PDF Output Folder,” click on “Browse” and look for the directory where you want to place the new files. Then click on Apply and hit OK.
  • Now open Acrobat. Go to the Advanced Menu and choose Batch Processing – if using Acrobat 6 or 7. If using Acrobat 8 or 9, go to the Advanced Menu > Document Processing and choose Batch Processing.In Acrobat X and XI, go to Tools > Action Wizard.

– Select “Create New Action”
– Click on  “More Tools” to expand the options
– Select “Print”
Shows view of the More Tools Options
– Under “Start With”, select an option from the drop down list
– Under “Save To”, select an option from the drop down list, Hit Save
– In the “Save Action” dialog, enter a name for this action, such as “Print”
– This action will now appear under the Action Wizard

Picture of the Action Wizard Windows

You must have Acrobat Standard or Professional installed on your computer to use the Distiller that is provided with Acrobat.  Appligent’s pdfHarmony application also allows you to remove rotation in a file.