Environmental Building News: CD Services Case Study

Environmental Building News logoA virtual green building library, the EBN Archives provides quick access to information on a wide range of topics–from land use planning and energy efficiency to recycled-content materials and indoor air quality. The CD features all back issues of Environmental Building News from the very first, in 1992, through the end of 2003. Updated annually, the Archives are fully searchable and provide instant access to hundreds of articles from the newsletter, exactly as they appeared in print.

Some of EBN’s own customer testimonials

“One of the best [building CDs], in my opinion, is the EBN CD [EBNA]. It’s got a ton of information about green building products. There are excellent articles about the materials that I use, and the information access is so efficient and fast. I like that you can print the articles out to show your customers a new product, or a new technique.”
Zolton B. Cohen, Buzz Burrell – Writer, Builder (resp.), Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Builder/Architect

“Easy to use and thorough, it’s an excellent resource for anyone serious about green construction.”
Green Living Magazine

“You are my first stop when I get stumped and a great resource when trying to speak to clients and co-workers who need some background information. I also refer to your magazine when I am speaking to students or beginning sustainable designers who are looking for answers or a fast track to more knowledge. I use the searchable CD-ROM almost daily. As I am getting started on a new subject, I use the index and back issues to find out what has been done and where to start looking for more information. I have grown to trust the research.”
Phaedra Svec – Architect/Sustainable Designer, Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh McDowell Architects

“This is a great publication, with constantly useful accessories such as the [EBN Archives CD-ROM]. As an active do-it-yourself owner-builder, and as an educator and publisher involved in promoting ecological building practices, I thank the stars weekly for the existence of EBN and BuildingGreen, Inc.”
Jim Schley – Editor, Chelsea Green Publishing

“The CD is invaluable with its search capability–info at my fingertips.”
Mark Marcoplos – Builder, NCSEA

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