StampPDF Plug-In Tech Specs

The fastest and easiest way to apply a stamp is from the Single Stamp menu item on the Acrobat Document menu.

Single stamping provides the basic features most users need to stamp text, including the ability to define the pages to be stamped, as well as the content, appearance, and position of the stamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you create a Bates stamp?

A:  In StampPDF Plug-in, Bates numbering works similarly to regular page numbering. The variable used for Bates numbering is %J. If you would like to start numbering at a number other than 000001, place the number to start before the J. Learn more about working with StampPDF variables.

Q:  How do I remove the old page numbers and re-apply new page numbers to my PDF?

A:  You can set up your stamp file to apply a white jpeg image over the area that contains the old number and also have a stamp item to apply the new page numbers. Learn more about using StampPDF Plug-in.

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Save text and image stamps along with formatting information in a plain-text template file. Select this file from the Document menu’s Stamp Files item to quickly apply the stamps to the open PDF document.


See the StampPDF Users Guide for complete documentation.
The StampPDF VPAT is available as a Section 508 compliant PDF.