Redax Overview

If you manage classified, sensitive, or private information day in and day out, you know firsthand that you need a secure and thorough redaction process that easily, consistently, and securely removes sensitive text and graphics. Failures to redact can have costly and dangerous consequences not only for organizations but also for the people whose privacy or security they are protecting.

Thousands of Federal, State, and Local government agencies, as well as law firms, corporations,  and health organizations; rely on Appligent’s Redax plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® (Standard or Professional) every day to give the ultimate protection for sensitive information.

Appligent was the first to natively redact PDF documents and holds U.S. Patent No. 7,428,701 on the “method, system and computer program for redaction of material from documents.”

Information removed from PDF files using Redax cannot be recovered. Redax goes beyond Adobe® Acrobat® Professional’s basic redaction capabilities to meet your editors’ and reviewers’ specific workflow needs.

Redax is available for Windows only. Redax 5.8 is compatible under Acrobat XI, DC and 2017. Redax 5.7 is compatible under Adobe Acrobat DC only.  Redax 5.6 works with Adobe Acrobat 9, X and XI. It does not work with the free Adobe Reader.

Please see our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and Adobe’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for more information.

In addition; you can perform redactions on PDF files using Appligent’s Redax and do so without using the computer’s mouse. Using Redax without a Mouse

Redax is a registered trademark of Appligent Inc.

If you need centralized automated, document redaction processes on a server—for example to apply redaction criteria to a large number of documents—learn more about Appligent’s Redax Enterprise Server.