AppendPDF Desktop Edition Tech Specs

Operating Systems

Available for Windows 7 and higher

AppendPDF DE screen shotTypical Workflow

Input Files
Browse for or drag and drop files to be appended.

Specify Output File
Choose a directory and name for the appended file.

Specify Cover Page
Specify a PDF file for the cover page, and specify a stamp file, if desired.

Specify Table of Contents
Specify a PDF file as a template for the table of contents, and design the format of it.

Choose Parameters
Select the parameters you want, optional features to apply to the output document.

Specify Document Information
Specify the information you want to appear in Acrobat’s Document Information window.

Specify View Options
Specify the navigation and zoom options you would like the document to open in.

Specify Security
Specify the options for applying Acrobat’s standard security.

See the AppendPDF DE Documentation for more information.