Form Filling and Processing

Dynamically fill data into PDF forms. You can deliver live forms or “flattened” forms so field data cannot be changed. Filled in forms can be opened in Adobe® Reader®. You can also fill in high volumes of PDF forms on your server.

Reliably combine PDF forms with form data to create new populated PDF forms. Easily fill and flatten, or partially flatten, PDF forms for delivery to the end user. Dynamically change form field properties to suit the needs of the deliverable.

In addition to combining forms and data, you can:

  • Flatten forms — remove the active field and stamp the field contents directly onto the PDF document
  • Encrypt files — apply standard Acrobat security settings at 40- or 128-bit strength
  • Process XML — use XFDF in addition to FDF files
  • Process multiple forms using one FDF file

Addition features use a FormInfo file to provide:

  • Partial form flattening — you can flatten the entire form, or specify individual fields to flatten
  • Additional support for fonts — specify font information for form fields
  • Image stamping — you can stamp an image onto a form field
  • Format text fields — set font, point size, alignment, color, and more
  • Advanced typography — manage character spacing, word spacing and line leading
  • RGB and CMYK Color

For more information on FDFMerge, Click Here.

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