Get Customized PDF Content in Real-Time

Appligent builds high performance software components for processing PDF documents. Our server-based components do the work in the back office and give you the power to extend your PDF-based solutions to users without expensive and complicated desktop upgrades.

Appligent software components are designed to run in an unattended environment. You can depend on these tools to perform as expected as a core element of a long-term ongoing solution.

Document Assembly


Automated document assembly including integrated cover pages, Tables of Contents and personalization. Designed for mission-critical on-demand and high-volume publishing, document personalization, document merging and report-assembly. Click Here to Learn More about Document Assembly ...

Form Filling and Processing


Dynamically populate, control and flatten PDF forms for quick delivery to end users. PDF "Acroforms" offer the most capable, most flexible, best supported business forms technology available. Click Here to Learn More about Form Filling and Processing ...

Stamping and Personalization

StampPDF Batch

Apply Bates numbering, watermark or personalize PDF documents, apply stamps as part of a compliance process, Social DRM (Digital Rights Management) and much more. Click Here to Learn More about Stamping and Personalization ...

Document Management


Solves the growing problem of variable-quality PDF files to help ensure that critical document workflows and collections meet operational, legal, fiduciary or other requirements.

These applications deliver a variety of server-based functions for analyzing and manipulating PDF files.
Identify problem PDF files: PDF files that are corrupt or malformed or produce errors in page display. Then, if possible, repair these malformed PDF files.
Extract metadata and other information, including form field values, from PDF documents and pages. Click Here to Learn More about Document Management ...



Client and server redaction for enterprise-wide document-control. Automate the mark-up and redaction of content to be removed from PDF files. Maintain compliance with FOIA, Privacy, HIPAA and more. Click Here to Learn More about Redaction ...

Security and Digital Signatures


Distribute electronic documents without fear of tampering. Digitally signs and encrypts PDF documents on your server. Encrypt, Digitally Sign and Verify Digital Signatures on PDF Documents.
Encrypt PDF documents with User and Owner passwords as well as set document permissions to control viewing, printing, copying, assembly and accessibility. Click Here to Learn More about Security and Digital Signatures ...