A few words are worth a lot. For more about how we helped many of these organization, please review our Case Studies.

The Blue Book

“pdfHarmony proved itself on the very first night. We just set up a simple watched folder and run all the files through pdfHarmony first. The number of exceptions has dropped substantially,”

-Ken Keeler, The Blue Book.

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Foster Wheeler

“Appligent’s command line driven products were easy to use and integrate with the ColdFusion scripting environment,” said Technical Project Leader Theresa Temple who added “the development time was really fast and bug free and development of the workflow/approval phase of project only took 27 days.”

“The way the Appligent technology appends the signature page to the original document, making it an integral part of that document provides Procurement with the functionality we needed to meet legal and business requirements.”

DDM Marketing and Communication

“Appligent’s AppendPDF Pro gave our development team the flexibility, scalability and power it needed to build an enterprise level solution in a very short time.”

ELDEC, Corp.

“The return on our investment was immediate because AppendPDF Pro enabled us to resolve our document processing issues right away.”

Core Business Solutions

“FDFMerge enabled us to develop an interactive forms workflow application very quickly. It saved us months of effort in developing the PDF handling components of the system and allowed our programmers to focus on the core document management functionality.”

University of Texas

“FDFMerge gave us the tool we needed to build a platform independent automated solution for managing forms.”

Zurich Life

“Appligent’s FDF Merge was chosen for the project’s PDF-generation process and was installed during Z-App’s alpha development phase.”

Dawson Law Chambers

“Redax is the smart technology person’s black ink and scissors”.

American Flyers

“… has given American Flyers quality and consistency in our online product that the ‘experts’ said could not be attained. In addition, great service and technical assistance helped us get our unique aviation chart service off the ground.”

Asset International

“My company, which publishes trade magazines, needed to convert paper magazines, EPS tables, and high-ASCII text to HTML for our Web-site in order to create a back-issue archive. Considering the scope of this project (thousands of files) and the mix of formats, Appligent Document Solutions did a timely, cost-effective job of creating something of lasting value.”

Cooperative Finance Corporation

“I was very satisfied with the work … performed for CFC. The staff we worked with were very professional and responsive and the product was of high quality. The staff did a good job explaining what we could expect in the work product and we were pleasantly surprised by the cost when it was lower than your original estimates. We plan to use Appligent Document Solutions in the future.”

Decision Research

“… saved us countless hours riffling through file cabinets searching for old documents. Now, comparative analysis of survey data is as easy as clicking a button. Our CD-ROM is a real time-saver and a great organizational tool.”

Annual Reviews

“We had 600 pages of chemistry and math to make ready for the Web. We had no usable files, and our accuracy spec made OCR look futile. Enter Appligent Document Solutions, who consulted with us at lifesaving length, then clobbered all the project’s barriers. Our satisfaction with the resulting files (astonishingly faithful to the complex printed originals) was complete.”

The Journal of Light Construction

“Thank you again for a job well done! … Appligent Document Solutions has done an outstanding job of helping us produce a user-friendly magazine CD-ROM to exacting quality standards. Your staff have been a pleasure to work with and the product continues to be a big hit with our customers … The CD is a beautiful product and one that we will feel very proud of.”

Knowledge Transfer International

“A recent project required that we partner with someone who could deliver cost effective, high quality PDF conversions of a variety of paper based instruction and marketing materials. Highly detailed schematic diagrams with impossibly small type, technical tables, full color glossy sales brochures — from the beginning, Appligent Document Solutions has consistently delivered on all counts. With any PDF project, the vendor and client must walk a fine line balancing quality versus cost effectiveness versus file size versus purpose. As each new challenge came along, … worked with us to make effective, informed decisions.”


“I’ve been very happy with the service I’ve received from Appligent Document Solutions. Work has always been delivered on or before the dates promised. Initially, I was doing the conversions. I quickly realized that my time was valuable and could be better utilized elsewhere. Electronic documents in general have been a great help to Panasonic and our customers appreciate being able to download operating manuals on line! Give Appligent Document Solutions a chance to bring your company into the next century!”

The Psychometric Society

“Our Board of Trustees was so impressed, they increased the price for the CD sets!”


“We’ve been able to count on Appligent Document Solutions as an important resource in our document conversion process. Exemplary service, quick turnaround, very flexible. … I recommend them highly.”

Sybron Chemicals

“Without Appligent Document Solutions, our project would have never paid for itself. Appligent made our solution cost-effective, and helped take our project to a different level. Your service was quick, professional, and very easy. I’ve recommended Appligent to other companies, because your work is the best I’ve seen..

Unitrode Corporation

“…we will definitely use Appligent Document Solutions again.”

U.S. Army Center of Military History

“You are so close to perfect, it’s not even funny”

Voicings Publications

“From project planning through the duplication process, we were always impressed with the care and personal attention given to our CD-ROM projects. … brings a special blend of technical expertise, creativity and flexibility essential to the production process. They treated our material like it was their own.”