The Blue Book: pdfHarmony Case Study

Product: pdfHarmony Based in Westchester County, New York, The Blue Book Building and Construction Network has been the construction industry’s premier information source since 1913, producing regional construction directories in most major markets throughout the United States. Today, provides easy access to continually updated information via BB-Bid, their online bid management system with private […]

University of Texas: FDFMerge Case Study

Product: FDFMerge The Office of Sponsored Projects at the University of Texas in Austin assists faculty researchers in securing grant funding from external sources and facilitates ongoing administrative tasks. This is a paperwork intensive process that requires meticulous record keeping to assure compliance with numerous university policies and government regulations. The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) […]

Core Business Solutions: FDFMerge Case Study

Product: fdfmerge Core Business Solutions needed to develop a zero-footprint desktop application to automate the delivery of a forms-based solution for businesses seeking to certify their Quality Management Systems (QMS). After surveying the technical landscape a PDF-based forms application was selected as the best option for providing the system’s data interchange infrastructure without disrupting the […]

ELDEC Corporation: AppendPDF Pro Case Study

ELDEC designs and manufactures electronic and electromechanical components for aerospace and defense applications. Its products are used on commercial and military aircraft in the U.S. and Europe, and its customers and suppliers all need to be aware of the latest specifications and maintenance bulletins. The company developed an advanced product data management (PDM) system to […]

Zurich Life: FDFMerge Case Study

Z-App Streamlines Pre-App Life insurance policy applications can sometimes be as long as 10 pages, making the information collection process arduous for agents. In order to simplify the process, Zurich Life (Schaumburg, IL, $403 billion in assets under management) developed an electronic pre-application process for its agents. The new application is an evolution of a […]

Redacting Confidential Information: Case Study

Like many such agencies, the Victorian DHS owns documents ranging from corporate transaction records to child protection cases. From financial and personal details to legal advice and other categories of protected and privileged information, the 1982 Victorian Freedom of Information Act requires the deletion of exempt material from documents prior to any release. “We’ve used […]

Foster Wheeler: FDFMerge & StampPDF Batch

Foster Wheeler is a global engineering, construction and project management company with 30 offices worldwide. FW serves diverse industries including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, power generation and chemicals at locations around the world. Foster Wheeler’s e-procurement facilities, known as eprocure, have been developed to provide their global procurement organizations with a unified window to carry […]

United Nations Yearbook Collection: CD-ROM Case Study

The Yearbook of the United Nations has been the primary reference work on the Organization since 1946. It details the many activities of the Organization and its organs, programs and bodies, as they are carried out in all corners of the globe. Produced for the United Nations by Document Solutions, this valuable collection of more […]

Annual Reviews: Content Conversion Case Study

Project Conversion of entire publication history to online content Goals Creation of new electronic assets for deployment through online hosting and linking arrangements Background Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists in 29 distinct disciplines.  A nonprofit organization, the Annual Reviews mission is to provide the worldwide […]

Pay ‘n Time: Custom Scripts Case Study

Solving Payroll Processing Headaches Payroll can be one of the largest headaches for employers. Pay ’n Time Payroll Services, a regional payroll processing company, routinely eliminates this issue for many companies, but had a large headache of its own – meeting a client desire to send individual pay stubs to those companies’ employees using secure […]

MedWiz Technologies: PDF & Development Services Case Study

Driving Down the Cost of Health Care MedWiz Technologies provides cost-effective solutions for adult homes and large scale pharmacies, and they do it using PDF expertise from Appligent Document Solutions. “The team at Appligent was instrumental in solving some of our biggest headaches,” said Jonathan Grier, Senior Software Architect for MedWiz. A distinct category of […]

The Olsen Group: PDF Development Services Case Study

PDF Form Enables Sales Team Collaboration The Olsen Group in Portland, OR, trains sales teams for medium-sized and larger corporations in a wide variety of industries.  Olsen’s model emphasizes a systematic approach to collecting, structuring and managing all the significant information that can help a sales team get prospects to a close. The Opportunity Strategy […]