We include 30 days of free telephone and email technical support with every commercial product we sell.

To continue to receive the same great technical support and product updates after your purchase, subscribe to our annual Support and Maintenance program. Current program members receive:

  • FREE product updates. You will automatically be sent new updated versions of the software as it is released.
  • FREE switches between comparably priced operating systems.
  • UNLIMITED E-mail Technical and Customer Support.
  • UNLIMITED Telephone Technical and Customer Support.

The Support and Maintenance program cost is 20% of the full purchase price of your software per year, and is added to the 30 days of support included with the product. A three year pre-paid support plan is available at a significant discount.

Appligent is committed to making its client software accessible to persons with disabilities. Our plug-in software uses Adobe Acrobat as a rendering engine and relies on its feature set for presenting content.

Please see our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and  Adobe’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for more information.

Email support@appligent.com with questions about our software or PDF.

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