Appligent Licenses Adobe’s PDF Library

Powered by Adobe PDF Library logoAppligent, Inc., the leading 3rd party enterprise PDF software company, today announced that it will soon release new commercial software applications including Adobe Systems’ PDF Library, offering implementers a revolutionary new option for quality, maximum reliability, and high performance PDF management and manipulation software.

The Adobe PDF Library is the core technology inside Adobe’s flagship Acrobat product. Implementers gain Acrobat’s unrivaled ability to cope with corrupt or malformed PDFs, optimize PDF contents and deliver true Adobe PDF to end users.

“With Adobe’s PDF Library, we’ll establish a new benchmark for reliability in 3rd party PDF manipulation applications,” said Appligent Document Solutions CEO Duff Johnson. “There’s just no better PDF than Adobe PDF. Implementers will benefit with definitive reliability, quality and the power of true Adobe PDF technology in our enterprise-class applications.” Johnson said.

In addition to upgrading existing products, Appligent will launch a dramatic new series of commercial server software for the electronic document space utilizing the unique capabilities and industrial-strength engineering of Adobe’s PDF technology.

“Appligent applications are now leveraging, and building upon, the thousands of man years of effort Adobe has invested in producing their top quality PDF Library,” explained Appligent Document Solutions CTO Mark Gavin. “The Adobe Library allows us to spend less of our development time dealing with reading and writing PDF files; and, more of our development time creating new and innovative products.”

“Appligent Document Solutions was one of Adobe’s first partners when we released the Acrobat APIs. They stand out as one of the most experienced, innovative and capable organizations in the PDF ecosystem,” said Adobe Systems Technical Evangelist Joel Geraci. “Adobe Systems is very pleased that Appligent Document Solutions has chosen the Adobe PDF Library to power their enterprise-class applications. We look forward to new innovations and world-class products now running with Adobe PDF technology,” Geraci said.

New and existing Appligent Document Solutions customers who upgrade to the latest software including the Adobe PDF Library will gain unique advantages, including (but not limited to):

  • True Adobe PDF “under the hood” for definitive quality, reliability and capability
  • The ability to open and process PDF files like Adobe Acrobat, but on a server
  • Full compatibility with the latest PDF specification (ISO 32000)

Customers with active support and maintenance agreements will be upgraded as products become available. Existing Appligent Document Solutions software customers without current support now have until October 31st to take advantage of the company’s Support and Maintenance Amnesty. 20% of the current product purchase price buys access to a full year of support and upgrades – including upgrades to new Adobe PDF Library-powered products as they are released.

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