pdfHarmony Enterprise Peace of Mind

Appligent, Inc., the leading 3rd party PDF enterprise software company, today announced that pdfHarmony, its first all-new product leveraging Adobe’s PDF Library, will be shipping on December 3, 2009.

Most offices and records-management systems include thousands (or millions) of PDF files produced by dozens of different brands of software with widely varying quality.  Some of these PDF files are completely broken. Many other PDFs open well enough, but then display an error on a certain page.

For organizations who rely on PDF as electronic paper, this is an ongoing intolerable situation without a solution.  Until now.

pdfHarmony will harmonize PDF documents throughout the enterprise.  Along with fixed and optimized PDFs and a list of corrupt files, pdfHarmony produces peace of mind.

The application brings a new sense of security and reliability to electronic document workflows because it can identify “broken” files and pages just like Adobe Acrobat, the definitive PDF handling software. What’s more, if Adobe Acrobat can resolve problems for individual files, pdfHarmony can resolve problems with a server-based solution.

“PDF quality varies wildly, and for those relying on PDF to reliably and accurately convey and store electronic documents, files that won’t open or pages that won’t render just aren’t acceptable,” said Appligent Document Solutions CEO Duff Johnson. “With pdfHarmony, organizations have a revolutionary new way to ensure quality and reliability in document collections, workflows and mission-critical corporate information repositories.”

pdfHarmony’s unprecedented features include:

  • Standardization of input PDF files from any creation software into true Adobe PDF
  • Detection of PDF files that Adobe Reader cannot open
  • Detection of PDF pages that would display with an error in Adobe Reader
  • Safe repair and optimization of PDF files when possible

Developers and integrators can call pdfHarmony for on-demand processing under Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris. pdfHarmony can be set to watch folders or process files in batch mode (recurse through subfolders). The software is extremely fast, capable of processing vast quantities of PDFs in minutes.

pdfHarmony will be quickly adopted by organizations that collect PDFs from many different sources in their regular course of business. From law firms to government agencies to supply chains, many organizations will use pdfHarmony to recover precious time and money by eliminating a significant and growing source of exception-handling from their workflows.

Typical uses for pdfHarmony include:

Document Quality Control:  Manufacturing firms can use pdfHarmony to verify the integrity of vital drawings and documents.

Process Gatekeeper:  Government agencies receive thousands of new PDF files each day, from a wide variety of sources. pdfHarmony can check each PDF for errors on entry.  Some files are fixed, while unrecoverable files are clearly identified.

pdfHarmony resolves problem PDFs in two crucial ways:

  • First, the application identifies any PDF file that simply can’t be opened, even by Adobe software. Beyond file integrity, pdfHarmony can also identify PDF pages that would generate an error when viewed in Adobe Reader.
  • Second, pdfHarmony attempts to correct recoverable files. Output files are authentic Adobe Systems PDF files. Process results are available via easy to use HTML reports, so unrecoverable PDF files may be swiftly identified, located and addressed.

pdfHarmony will be available starting December 3, 2009 at a starting price of $4,995 per server for up to four (4) cores for Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris.  Additional cores may be licensed at a discount. Mac OS X, HP-UX and Linux 64-bit releases will be available by the end of the year.

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