Appligent Document Solutions has a simple objective: to provide enterprise-class software, services and support to organizations implementing PDF technology.

Our software ranges from desktop applications and plug-ins to server applications for high-volume, automated management of PDF workflows. Our products and services are used in thousands of different settings, from banking to the military, from publishing to food-processing.

Appligent was founded in 1988 as a company doing custom software applications. We have focused on PDF software development since PDF became available to developers in 1993.  We’ve  led the PDF space with key innovations in redaction, document security, form-flattening and other areas. Appligent was first-to-market with PDF redaction, Bates numbering, server based forms-processing, form flattening and more.  Our software is highly scalable and provides extremely fast performance on the leading OS platforms.

Our Services are focused on the efficient use of PDF and range from remediation of PDF files for Accessibility and Section 508 compliance to PDF forms development and custom software development. In addition to our commercial software, Appligent continues to develop custom plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat for customers as well as develop custom applications and products. We can also provide training for in-house developers on using the Acrobat SDK. For a complete overview of our Services, please see the Services tab on our website.